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Marty McVey and McVey & Associates has advised clients on mergers & acquisitions, risk analysis, development & growth, business strategy & execution, decision maker selection, due diligence, industry strategy, high impact negotiations, exit planning, turn around management, valuation matters, private offerings, maximizing productivity, organization structure and buyout transactions valued at more than $700 million in Houston and around the globe.

Every good leader understands the importance of growing a business in a smart way and prepares for probable risk. The organization must have the ability to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and shifts in foreign and domestic governmental policies.  To achieve sustainability, organizations must not rely solely on government to enhance its economic growth and ignore the surrounding economic environment.   Industry should participate in open policy formulation discussions that lead to the creation of new opportunities, new employment and new regional development.
McVey & Associates has the experience in working in all regions of the world and in all major sectors that include real estate, financial services, agriculture, energy related services, healthcare sectors and technology development. We support and advocate for our clients across a broad scope of objectives.